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I remember a time when my children were young; we would get in the car and get lost on purpose. I was attempting to show them the sovereignty of God. I wanted them to know no matter where I am, God is always with them. If I could not get to them, God would always know where they are to help them. I would gather my children, one of my nieces and two of my nephews. We would pile in the van and set out on an adventure right in our community. I would start by driving down a familiar street, and then I would say “okay are we turning right or left at the light?” With great excitement they would scream, “right!, left!” The majority ruled. We would make the turn venturing off the familiar path. Our eyes would be open to new houses, wide open land, farm animals and even the beauty of trees. I would tell them to take note of everything their eyes could see. All of it is the creation of God. As the sun shined so beautifully upon us, the excitement of a different perspective grew. All the while we kept making new turns. “Right! Left!” they would scream. At times, I would pick one person to tell us what turn was next. I could feel the comfort they would find in the opportunity to take control and choose for themselves and the rest of us a new direction. In no time, we were seemingly completely lost. This went on until dusk. I had no idea which way to go to get home. I would then say, “Okay, it is time to pray.” We would then say a quick prayer asking the Lord Jesus Christ to show us the way home. By this time, I opened my spiritual ears to hear from the Lord which way to go. I would encourage them to do the same. I would ask them to tell me which way they felt the strongest about in their spirit. In no time, we were back on a familiar road heading home; having had no idea how closely the lost roads connected to the road heading home.

We are never lost. God always knows where we are. He knows where we are in ministry, in our family, on our jobs, and in every area of our lives. We may get the distinct feeling of being lost but God always knows where we are and He is sure to bring us home. We must simply open our ears to His direction. Learn to enjoy where you are, not for the purpose of getting comfortable; but for the knowing you are on a road that leads home to the Father. Notice the beauty of your journey.



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The Cry of A Mother ~ Learning True Spiritual Authority in Parenting

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No matter where you are or what you are doing one of the greatest connections women have is that of motherhood. You can walk up to a total stranger, strike up a conversation on motherhood and discuss some of the most intimate details of pregnancy, child birth and so on. There is no age limitation, social or economic boundaries. All vulnerability has gone out the window. Motherhood crosses all boundaries.

However, one of the things I never heard mothers talk about is all that happens after about the age of five or six. In some cases, it is much older or much younger. It is at the point where the mother no longer shares her experiences with child development strongly due to embarrassment if the child displays behavior issues. There is a wide variety of things we encounter that we just do not feel comfortable speaking on. In many cases, this is done without the understanding that you are not alone. Mothers generally try to hide or denied the troublesome issues for concern of being looked down upon as a mother. These days are over!

I felt compelled let you know ONE hugh thing…You Are Not Alone. You are human! You have human feelings and they count! You have an amazing network of companionship on this journey. You are on a fantastic journey of giving life, nurturing that life and establishing a great foundation for a powerful legacy. You will provide an exceptional impression upon this earth.

Join me as we connect this great responsibility to Jesus and obtain greater access to the true source of our strength. Receive lasting results in your parenting. We as women and as Mother’s have been given enormous power and authority.

If you are tired of feeling like you are losing the battle with your children or

You are simply getting weary in well doing…This class is for you.
If you are at your wits end with your pre-teen or teen…This class is for you.

Maybe you just don’t want to parent anymore. It is not about how the children behave you just want a life of your own… This class is for you.

Maybe you really are tired of doing it alone…This class is for you.

Here is what you will receive:
• How to truly let go of all past hurts
• Clarity on the power you hold as a Mother and a Woman of God.
• The answer to… “Why does it take so long for God to answer your prayers?”
• What is the cry of your heart…even when you are not praying
• How to change your prayers for prosperity in your children
• What you can do today to change generations to come

Now that you have done all that you know to do, it is time that you learn to do more. Receive the spiritual dynamics of what has been missing in your parenting. God hears the cry of your heart and the answers have been given that will change your life.

Wed, May 29nd, 2013 at 7pm make the investment for change.

$27 before May 22nd, 2013
$39 after the May 22nd, 2013

With your participation in this class you will be provided with a discount link to purchase your own copy of Spiritual Parenting ~ Understanding your Roles as a Parent Spiritually for $10 plus free shipping (reg. $21 with shipping).

If you are interested, simply respond to this blog via demetrica@healingthefamily.org and your links will be sent to you.

FREE gift for the first 10 attendees

If this is not for you…No problem; bless someone else with this information.

Invoking the Hearts of Nations to Sonship
Demetrica Mathews
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Hello To all of you who frequent my blog and to those who are just stopping by. I really felt compelled to share this testimony. As some of you who follow my work may know. I am a Virtual Assistant who works from home. Of course, my laptop is one of my closest partners in this business I am building for the Lord. Well, on last Tuesday, I heard the Lord clearly tell me in a fleeting thought/conversation about what I needed to get don in the coming days and weeks to, “back your laptop up”. I replied, “I will do it first thing in the morning.” Did not think anything else of it completed my day and went to bed. Well the next morning (Wednesday), I woke up to find my laptop was turned off and I did not do it. I proceeded to turn the laptop on; it would not turn on. I tried for 45 mins to get this laptop to respond. I thought to myself, ” don’t panic, it will be fine.” I remembered that I had access to a  Best Buy service plan, so I decided not to get excited at all. My thought was that it was just the battery and that is an easy fix. I decided to make a bee line to the area Best Buy and allow them to confirm what I was so sure it was.

I arrived at the Best Buy, started the process of getting the laptop registered to be examined. The tech looked at the laptop did some of the same things I did to come to the realization that my Mother Board was gone. I was still very calm and did not get emotional at all. He explained my options which were expensive seeing that my laptop was five years old. I made a decision that it would be in my best interest to get another laptop, however, I was not prepared to purchase at that moment and did not know when the moment would come. As I walked to the door of the Best Buy with my family, telling them what just happened; with each step I was taking physically I was feeling like I was about to pass out. Why? Because I began to think about all that this computer stored for me. All of my books(some which have not been released yet), workbooks, videos, all of my clients data, and all the open projects. I did not think of those things as I was talking to the tech. I was sure that God was going to provide.  I felt like Peter on the water. The more I thought about the circumstances the more I began to sink into the abyss of worry and wonder.

I remembered what God told me a while ago. He told me to “don’t get caught up in the circumstance and situations.” I meditated on that for a long time to get the full understanding of what God was trying to say to me. I realized we get immediately emotional about situations and circumstances which prohibits the favor and grace of God from moving on our behalf. Like Peter, I needed to keep my eye on God (Jesus) by not allowing the negative emotions to erupted. Here is where temperance had to come into play one of the most ignored fruits of the Spirit. Temperance = Moderation in action, thought or feeling. This is how you don’t get caught up in your situations and circumstances.

Well, I continued towards the door of the store however, one of my family members did not. She actually went over to the computers, found one perfect for me, and brought it! Before I left the store God brought me a new laptop! Yes, He used one of my family members to do it but He did it. Why? Because He knew the laptop was going to break down. He knew I was not going to back my stuff up. He knew it needed to happen while my family member was present. It all worked for my good. For the longest time I desired a laptop with these features and God honored my desire. Honestly these are just the highlights of what actually happened, but the bottom line is; don’t get caught up in the situation and circumstances. Stay outside of them and watch God bless your socks off.

God is a provider to His children! He is not a deadbeat dad! He will always pull a ram out of the bush. This I know to be true. My trust for God is growing deeper than ever and I really love simply relying on Him.


True Wisdom…

True wisdom comes through application not theory. Knowledge is theory. Application is applied knowledge or theory to your life. You have lived through it. Once you have lived through it; you now carry wisdom around it. So pay attention to what you are being taught from day to day by the Holy Spirit.

This is a little song I made up from a song in the movie Sister Act II.

“If you want to be somebody,

you want to go somewhere;

you better wake up and pay attention.

If you want to get to heaven and

you want to see God’s face

you better wake up and pay attention.”

There is a master plan God has for you that no man can stop; but you. Choose well for yourself, apply knowledge and pay attention to life.


In this walk you will feel like you are leaving people behind. The truth of the matter is you are not leaving them behind you are giving them time and space to grow. The same is true for you. If you feel like people are leaving you behind, recognize that God is allowing you space to grow in Him. He needs your full attention so that your relationship with Him will be more than surface deep. People may seem to move out of your inner circle but it does not mean that you love them any less. Let them go and know if it is the perfect will of God your paths will meet again. If they don’t cherish what blessing they did bring into your life and you into theirs. Moving on is growing up.


Moving forward

I began to wonder why we as humans trust so much in those who cannot handle that investment in them. How then are we to trust people? Through God the Father. We do this by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us because He will lead us unto all righteousness and unto all truth. He is who we must trust in. Trust is very powerful because it leaves you very vulnerable. It is  not to be taken lightly or else you could be lead astray. You must listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit. How you do that is you get quiet. Quiet the noise of your thoughts, responsibilities,  doubts and discomforts. Then trust what you hear that lines up with God’s Truth. God tell us not to put our trust in no man. He also tells us to place all of our trust in Him.

Psalms 118:8

Proverbs 29:25

Serenity with the Holy Spirit pic

  • Have you ever felt you have given all that you have and it still just does not seem like it is enough?
  • Are you still waiting for the fruit of your work to spring forward?Olive Tree
  • Have you had a couple of small victories but you are longing for more?

Join me today as I reveal the Father’s answer to all of your questions hidden in the back of your mind; secret questions.

Listen as the Living Light of Jesus Christ shine in your spirit to change your perspective on your situation and to remove doubt.

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