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The Stronghold Exposure Series  ~ The spirit of Fear exposes the works of stronghold spirits that try to influence the destiny of man through deception.
The first exposure in this series is Fear. The Bible teaches that these strongholds do exist and how they pervert the truth of God’s Word. The stronghold called fear paralyzes even the believer right out of their inheritance. It is time for the  children of God to be free from every stronghold. Freedom comes when you believe (II Timothy 1:7) that you have dominion over the strongholds in your life. God the Father has seen where you are and is meeting you at the point of your need. Walking Out Clean uncovers the why’s of this imbalance and exposes the part that the adversary of your soul plays.

 What is exposed?
 SESWho or what are strongholds?
SES What is the purpose of fear?
SES How is fear influencing me?

 The Stronghold Exposure Series ~ The spirit of Heaviness   In this next book of the Stronghold Exposure Series; the stronghold spirit of heaviness is exposed. This  stronghold intensely affects the emotional portion of the soul. You will be made free in your emotions with this exposure. You will be able to identify
emotional hindrances that will keep you out of the presence of God. The stronghold spirit of heaviness slows down your faith momentum. Remember, faith without works is dead. This stronghold causes spiritual arrested development in the emotions.

You will experience freedom in your emotions; by uncovering this stronghold in your life and the lives of others. In order to fulfill your purpose in God, you must line up with the Word of God; that includes your emotions. Become familiar with your inheritance in God and live life more abundantly. Get free today and free others; that is the ultimate goal in this walk with Christ.

The Stronghold Exposure Series ~ The spirit of Haughtiness Third in the Stronghold Exposure Series is the stronghold called haughtiness. Haughtiness is not a character flaw it is a spirit. The stronghold called haughtiness, in its selfish nature it puffs up the influenced with self serving pride; which is hated by God
(Proverbs 8:13). This stronghold, like all others, separates the believer from God and their true power. This stronghold also separates the believer from their God given inheritance. Freedom comes when you develop a servant’s heart in the spiritual position of a king. You must understand who you are and walk
in that position with humility.

Spiritual Parenting ~ Understanding Your Role as a Parent Spiritually God has released the power of dominion in you to be effective in your role as a parent. Diminish the myths, renew your mind, and be made free in your parenting role. No more sleepless nights, powerless tears, and fears of the future that is in your children. Gain the spiritual understanding of your power and authority as it relates to parenting. Open the door to the destiny of generations to come by becoming more powerful and effective as a parent; the way that the bible teaches. Spiritual Parenting releases the mysteries beyond traditional parenting uncovering the supernatural power imparted to you by God to be successful. Spiritual Parenting assists you in gaining the understanding of the role of a Parent and the great importance it has to the building up of God’s Kingdom.

Spiritual Parenting talks about:
SPThe spiritual role of the Father & Mother
SP  What the bible really says about the word parenting
SP  Soul Tears & Wounds in the children
SPCovering your children in the spirit
SPWhen your children hurt you; how to handle it
***TO EVERY MOTHER, FATHER, GRANDMOTHER OR GRAND FATHER THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!!!!!!  God tells us that we are to be prosperous even as OUR SOUL PROSPERS!!! This includes your Role/Rank as a Parent.  This book will cause you to leave all the lies behind. INCREASE YOUR POWER & AUTHORITY in parenting. Diminish the lies that the adversary has programmed into us to make us feel powerless in the MINISTRY OF PARENTING.  Take back what the adversary has blinded you into thinking he has stolen! REJOICE as you see your legacy change and the generations to come grown stronger!

 Walking Out Clean ~ Spiritual Understanding of the Heart & Soul – uncovers the spiritual mechanics of the heart and soul. What is happening in the spirit when things are happening to your heart and soul in the natural?  WOC uncovers the real spiritual war that is happening in the earth.  Who or what are we really warring with, in the church and at home. WOC gives you captivating insight one what God is examining every day of your life in the spirit realm, YOUR HEART.  WOC shows you how to declare your heart clean and ready to fulfill the purpose of your life. Realize that the adversary of your heart and soul is exposed only when you come into the knowledge of who you are.  In order to understand who you are you must understand the heart and soul the way that God does.  This is more than a teaching; it is a heart and soul TRANSFORMATION in the spirit realm.  Going to church Sunday after Sunday and still living a life that is less than that of a King or Queen is
over! It is time to understand the full mysteries of God that will give you full access to all of your Kingdom inheritance. Perceive more than you natural circumstances, live the abundance life it is within you. This Sunday Walk Out Clean, free from demonic influences. ***Ever wonder why you go to church with the heart of a faithful servant and by the middle of the week someone or something has caused your old nature to rise? Or you have experienced so much through the week it makes you doubt your salvation?

WOC The heart- What condition is your heart in according to the Word of God?
WOC The Soul- three parts of a whole
WOC What is happening in the church today that is affecting the soul

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  1. I like the title and theme of your book. I am also a Christian author and have self-published several books including but not limited to: “Biblical Entrepreneurship”, “Seeking the Face of God”, “You Are God’s Masterpiece”, “Christian Mentoring Guide for Women”, “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts” and “Legal Essentials for Authors and Writers”. I would like to talk with you regarding networking and being a Guest on your Radio Show. I can be reached at kbooker533@gmail.com / http://www.womendestinedforgreatness.wordpress.com

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