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A Just Rain vs. An Inheritance

God rains on the just as well as the unjust but the inheritance only goes to the sons. The sons are the ones that are in relationship with God. The ones who have been transformed with His Spiritual DNA are the ones who will enter in. Only sons inherit. Don’t be fooled it is not about the Church… It is all about what you do when you are not in church…



God has been speaking to my heart this word “situations and circumstances are tools”. They are like money, time, a house or a car: tools. Situations and circumstances are all tools for two reasons. One: to shape us into who we are called to be; fulfilling our purpose. Two: to become a tool for God to release His Love to the masses in the earth. We are all tools. Money has NO power! It is a tool. Time has NO power! It is a tool. Houses and cars are simple tools. We are all tools. Some tools seem to have more power than others. For example, is time more important or powerful than money? Is having a car more powerful than having a house? No. One is not greater than the other in these cases. The only source of “power” they have is the power that is needed to fulfill its purpose. However; because of the intelligence and relationship that God desires to have with us we out rank time, money, houses and cars in the spirit. As tools we are still what God uses to get what is in heaven here on earth; it is His good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. There is a spiritual ranking in heaven for basically everything and we are open doors to heaven. We are the access way to retrieve other tools from heaven. What we need as tools to complete our assignments here on earth has to move through the door of our spirit to manifest here on earth. We have ability like no other. We have the power of choice and authority over every other tool. Situations and circumstances are God’s tools. Don’t take too much stock in the fact that situations and circumstances come; they are simple tools. What has to be discovered is the purpose for the use of the tools. What does God desire to remove or add to you in order for you to be a worthy vessel? In other words, when you are facing a situation or circumstance try to understand what is the purpose; learn from it. For, He is the potter and we are the clay. He is shaping us into the perfect tool that will share the truth of His Love to many. Isaiah 64:8, John 3:16

Jesus & the 5000+ Guests

Jesus house was in the desert where He hosted 5,000 + (Matt 14:13-21)

 How could the 5,000 be in a desert place and Jesus commands them to sit on the grass? How do you perceive your promise land?

The disciples saw this place as a desert but Jesus commanded them to sit in the grass. Perception…

The first thing Jesus did when He saw the crowd was to be filled with compassion. What does compassion mean? It means: To have the bowls yearn. Your bowls is your inner most part. Jesus most inner part yearns with compassion towards the people. He yearned to help them. The inner part of man is his soul. Jesus yearned from His soul. The moment that this yearning came upon Him the Power of healing and wholeness was released. It was automatic. The Power of Compassion is why He healed them first then feed them. That compassion comes from God. When Jesus was done healing them, He wanted to feed them. The disciples looked at the food that they had in their hands, not understanding that what they were seeing was a just a small manifestation of what was accessible to them. The multiplication of this small amount truly was a prior request that was now being manifested in the earth. Jesus always knew there was more where that came from. So, He took the seed of what was there; blessed it to multiply. He knew that at His request more would be made. Jesus could have simply commanded more to appear but He used that seed of the leftovers from the last blessing to call forth more.

The disciples said so quickly “all that we have” they could not see what they could not see. How many times have we looked at what we have in the bank and said, “All I have is …. Or in the kitchen cabinets and said all I have is …or in the refrigerator. When we could not see pass our circumstances. We could not see pass what was in our hand. Jesus took the seed looked up to heaven, where His provision was; He blessed it. Blessing someone or something you are speaking well of it with expectation or thought to someone or thing to prosper. It was not a deception of lack, that cause the disciples to want to send the multitude away it was that they did not understand who and where their true provision was coming from. They did not understand provision. Jesus did not send the multitude away until He made sure that they were fed. Instead of seeing lack Jesus saw seed; something to bless to get more. We have to have something to sow in order to reap. Don’t look at what you have as lack and want; see it as a seed to offer up to the Father for increase. After Jesus ministered (served), He went into the mountains to pray. Restoration was in order because of the Great spiritual power it took to minister (serve) to 5000 + guests.

God I Want…

Many times we go before the Lord and others telling God what we want. The list is long and detailed in many cases. That sounds about right; right? What could be the problem with that? That is what we are suppose to do. Well, in actuality, want is not the word you should use; especially when making request from the Lord. Giving the fact that your words are so very powerful you must be sure to use the right ones. The word “want” means to lack; to wish for. How can you want something you already have? Stop wanting a husband or wife you already have one. Stop wanting a car you already have one. Stop wanting more money you already have more than you need.

Philippians 4:11 (KJV)

“11Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

You are only asking for what you already have because when you are in Christ Jesus every need has been supplied. STOP wanting = lacking. Be content to love God right where you are. Then more you love God the more God is going to pour His love in you! The more love that is poured into you the more of your needs will be met. The Lord (Jesus) is my Shepherd and I shall NOT lack (want) Psalms 23:1. We who are in Christ Jesus will not have any wants (lack). To be in the position of want is to be impoverished and those who are truly of the Kingdom of God are not by any means impoverished. God will supply your need; of that I have no doubt. You however must not have any doubt as well. The word “need” in the Webster’s dictionary means to have a necessity. The Greek meaning of the word “need” means to have requirements. You have necessities and requirements that God will supply so that you may complete your purpose in the earth. God will supply all of your requirements to get to heaven and all of your necessities here on earth. Our wants (perception of lack) sometimes cloud the view of our needs (necessities & requirements) being met. Present your need to the Lord and watch as it is supplied.

Surprised by Miracles

I have an interesting question. Why do we act like it is such a surprise when miracles happen? We should be expecting the miracle to happen; especially if we made the request. We must get to the point that we are not surprised when we see a miracle of any kind. Miracles are what we are supposed to be manifesting out of our belief system. If we are surprised then it could be that somehow our belief system is compromised. Our system is somehow compromised around the understanding that we are to become vessels of honor that are to manifest miracles every day. We have to get past seeing a miracle needed, knowing that God can do it but walk away with the simple exodus thoughts that “God will do it in His own time, I will pray about that later or all we can do is pray.” These are fearful defeated statements coming from the heart of the speaker. You are only surprised when you never believed in the first place. We cannot believe for the miracle when we need it; we have to believe long before we see the need. Jesus knew who He was and who the Father was. He knew that whatever His request would be; God would honor it and release the blessings needed. We have to see the blessings before they ever manifest here in the earth. Maybe you are saying how is that possible if we do not know what miracle is needed.  It is simple learn to believe God for the impossible no matter what it is. If it is impossible for man it is so possible for God. Whatever the miracle is God desires it to be done unto us. He desires this because it is a good thing and it is pleasurable to Him for us to receive the blessing He has promised us.

One day at a time….Not just a TV show

Now I understand why God tells us not to take any thought for tomorrow because it has enough evil in itself (Matthew 6:24-34). I truly do. Just like God can change anything in a day, so can you? your heart can literally change in a day. It is so important master care of the condition of your heart. In a day your heat can change. It can change in hours you can literally go from being over shadowed by the presence of the Lord to feeling like you are in a backslidden state in you heart (which is the soul) my God I had no idea! I am reviewing the last couple of days and man I fell so junky today. In addition to making sure your heart is clean you have to do damage control to your belief system which is your heart and mind working together. I really do believe God’s Word! He said the righteous will scarcely, enter in we have to master this walk daily! Remember I Peter 4:18. It is so real to me now my goodness (Philippians 3:14). Un-forgiveness can clog the flow of heaven in your life. Your heart takes you where you have to go in God with and by the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. You have to get free from those things which are purposed to keep you out of alignment with the Lord (i.e. disappointment, discouragement, un-forgiveness, and the like). Surrender your will today for the will of the Father. Release all things into His capable hands; even your heart. Release your whole belief system to Him in Jesus Name. When you are done ask the Lord how to love His people as you love yourself; the way He has commanded.  Take the Word of God seriously and don’t allow the sin of today to go into your tomorrow, because tomorrow you will face other temptations that can disable your belief system. It is a powerful thing to keep your heart clean. You have to be ready and willing at all times to release the Love of God. You have to be a willing vessel allowing God Himself to flow through you. In order to be this vessel you have to remain in harmonious sync with God and all of heaven.

Settling For The Drops

As I focus on my relationship with God, I realize there comes a point where you could potentially stop trusting and start settling for the drops of revelation and blessing. You can begin to settle for the minimal blessing of the Lord instead of the former and the latter rain promised to you. What happens here is you get stuck on the fact that the things you sincerely prayed and asked God for were not released. Now the question is where are they in the storehouse? The things that you have need of to complete your purpose is all stored in your heavenly storehouse. However, they are all release in sequence. You begin to ask where your blessings are. Why have they not come? You have to understand that they are released according to the timing of God. Your spiritual capacity which consists of your faith (trust in God), level of spiritual maturity and position in the salvation birthing process has to be in the right place to receive all the blessings of God. Some blessings require your capacity to be very big because of the responsibility that goes with the blessing; others do not.


In this place you love God with all your heart and soul but you begin to make your requests far and few between or you just stop asking. Your prayers become please because there is a lack of confidence around the will of the Father regarding your request. So, instead of getting in tuned with God to receive an answer, you create an answer and hope for the best. This is a manifestation of fear. You fear going after God for the answer for fear that you will not receive one. The key to moving pass this form of spiritual stagnation is to continue to do the last thing God told you to do, keep your heart clean and continue to seek God. He is not hidden from you, but you have to come to Him in the right heart and spirit. Your heart is the key to your storehouse. Don’t settle for the drops EXPECT the former and latter rain. There is more in your storehouse than you can ever imagine.