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Spending Time with God…

Take care of ministry.

Take care of the children.

Take care of your mate.

Take care of yourself. 

Preach and teach the Gospel.

Go to school.

Run your business.

Go to work.

Feed the people of God.blog photo

Care for your aging parents.

Do the work.

Do the work.

Do the work.


In all that we put our hands to do, we must not forget to stop and get the time we need to be the best we can be, holding all things together by spending that time in the presence of the Lord. There is nothing more important to your existence than spending time with God. It does not matter how your day is scheduled to go or how you feel. NOTHING is more important than the time you spend with God. I have been doing so many things over the last few months; vacationing and traveling back and forth from one place to another. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I started to feel like I was missing something and I realized that because of the late nights and the late risings I had not been spending time in the presence of the Lord, as I should. I realized that I was really missing God. I realized the importance of spending time with Him every day is important to the progression and success of my day to day. I understood just within a few days’ time how I truly missed His touching of my soul. Now, I discovered that even just a couple of minutes make a great difference in my day. Although, I talk to God all through the day, I need that focused time of pure meditation on His Goodness and Love. Success comes day to day and without that, time of meditation (Joshua 1:8), frustration, and other unhappy encounters is the order of the day.



It’s where you going not where you been!

Do not allow where you have been or even where you are; define you. Allow yourself to believe in your future so much so that your future defines you. Allow God to tell you who you are believe that above all else and purchase (pursue) it with your life. Allow God to show you your authentic self. When you purchase something; it becomes your own.

Keep your oil filled.

Keep your oil lantern filled. Just being in the presences of people who are strongly under the influence of strongholds will drain you of your spiritual oil. This is why you must get in God’s presences on a day to day basis. Without you realizing it you may or may not be speaking to the person but standing in agreement with the spirit in that person. In those moments your spiritual power is being usurped. You become under a form of influence by the same spirit governing that person.

Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Whenever you say nothing, you are still granting permission. Many times people try to be neutral as it relates to the things of God. Being neutral speaks as loud as saying something (yea or nay). If you stand in fear because you don’t understand who you are and  you never commission or command; because you are not proclaiming the Truth; you release your spiritual power to the unclean fallen angels (demons) to move in to do the opposite of what you did not proclaim.

Let God Arise Psalms 68:1

“Let God arise, Let His enemies be scattered:” When I read this, the first thing I thought of was my heart. Let the truth of God, the Truth of the Spirit realm arise within me and let the lies, false teaching and old experiences be scattered.


I have heard many say it is the faith of the person receiving the miracle that allows the miracle to manifest. This is not true it is the person speaking or ministering that the miracle comes through. Miracles are manifested out of the heart of the believer not the receiver.

Definition of Miracle: Hebrew means dunamis “Power, inherent ability” the Greek meaning semaino – to give a sign- God allows miracles to come through us to allow those who don’t believe an opportunity to believe in the all sufficient God. When a miracle is done it is out of the already believing person’s heart the power of God moves through.

Tower Of God! Where Do You Run?

The name of the Lord God almighty is a strong tower. When you hear Donald Trump’s name you think millions of dollars. When you hear Kirk Franklin you hear Music to be encouraging and to jam to. When you hear Oprah’s name you think TV and maybe money. But…when you hear the NAME JESUS you come to attention. Why? Because you are hearing the CREATOR, the SACRIFICIAL LAMB, the WAY MAKER and the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIGHT. When you hear HIS NAME you think, SAVIOR who saves me in the time of trouble. When HIS NAME is spoken with it come POWER and AUTHORITY and the conditions of your circumstances must change. HIS NAME will remove all manner of sickness; will bring resources from out of nowhere. HIS NAME alone brings all of creation-not just the creation of the earth- but all of creation; all of creation is the universe and beyond into alignment. HIS NAME alone is the BIGGEST, TALLEST, WILDEST, and STRONGEST tower that you can actually, literally run into from the storms of life and be safe. A rich man will run to his house for safety or to his job for comfort or to the things he possess. BUT…the one in right relationship with God runs to HIM because He is their ark of safety. RRRRUUUUNNNN to  THE STRONG TOWER AND BE SAFE…


♪Your next in line for a miracle, Today is your day for a miracle♪ – Shirley Caesar

Enjoy: Proverbs 18:10, 20-21