Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

The Author

Early in Demetrica’s life, she displayed a level of maturity that caused her to be revered as the counselor to many of her peers. During her teen years, ministering to the broken-hearted and the wayward mindset was already evident in her personality. Demetrica was very in tuned to the spirit realm believing in what she could not see. Over the past twenty years God has cultivated the prophetic and gift of a teacher in Demetrica for the use of healing of the family. Demetrica has always had a great love for children and the family unit. At the start of her ministry God called Demetrica to the youth and has expanded the ministry to building proper foundation in the family unit as God intended. Now in the season that the adversary has waged an all out war of deception against the family, God has called forth Demetrica for such a time as this. God has created in Demetrica the spirit of a warrior against the lack of Knowledge, tradition and rudiments of man. With her ear laid to the heart of the Father, Demetrica uses biblical principles to teach and train members of the family unit to live in unity both spiritually and naturally. Through books, workbooks, blogs, family session and audio messages, Demetrica brings the truth of God’s Word and the mysteries that lie within to the family unit and dissolves the deceptive lies of the adversary.

Visit http://www.thewritersva.org for more information on the work Demetrica Mathews is doing for the Kingdom.


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