Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

First I would like to say, God is so big He can literally speak through many avenues. Let me share my short story. I got dressed on a Sunday afternoon, preparing to run to the store and pick up some last minute ingredients for dinner. By the time I was about to go out the door my mom who was visiting has already finished dinner. So, I stood there with free time wondering what to do next. I walked out of my door and realized it was a nice day. I started walking and walking…putting one foot in front of the other; just going. I came to the neighborhood creek or brook which has a over pass over it. I peered over the over pass looking down at the brook. It was still. It had no sound. I immediately thought of stagnation. I stood there for a moment and watched as gnats and flies flew over what seemed like a dead brook. I decided to cross the street and peer over the other side of the overpass. On this side, I could hear the brook raged with excitement as the water ran over the rocks. Water splash up in the air as it moved on its way. I could hear the Lord say, “it has a voice.”

Isaiah 58:1 “Cry aloud, spare not;

Lift up your voice like a trumpet;

Tell My people their transgression,

And the house of Jacob their sins.”


When you are stagnant you produce no sound, no fruit and have no relevance to no one. Who can hear your truth, if you are silent; If you are still?  In the moments that I was observing raging, babbling brook, I discovered the relevance of movement. Movement has a sound. It has a voice. It cries out its purpose and show forth its trust in the Lord. Faith without works is dead because there is no movement. The brook was compelled to declare its existence in the earth. I recognized it and understood its purpose here.  Movement has a strong desire to fulfill its purpose by telling of the goodness of Jesus in whatever form it (movement) was designed to tell it. Faith must have movement. We must produce movement. What is your cry? What is your purpose? How will you moving on that purpose and be heard? Stagnation (stale or foul from standing (doing nothing) motionless) has no voice…

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