Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

I remember a time when my children were young; we would get in the car and get lost on purpose. I was attempting to show them the sovereignty of God. I wanted them to know no matter where I am, God is always with them. If I could not get to them, God would always know where they are to help them. I would gather my children, one of my nieces and two of my nephews. We would pile in the van and set out on an adventure right in our community. I would start by driving down a familiar street, and then I would say “okay are we turning right or left at the light?” With great excitement they would scream, “right!, left!” The majority ruled. We would make the turn venturing off the familiar path. Our eyes would be open to new houses, wide open land, farm animals and even the beauty of trees. I would tell them to take note of everything their eyes could see. All of it is the creation of God. As the sun shined so beautifully upon us, the excitement of a different perspective grew. All the while we kept making new turns. “Right! Left!” they would scream. At times, I would pick one person to tell us what turn was next. I could feel the comfort they would find in the opportunity to take control and choose for themselves and the rest of us a new direction. In no time, we were seemingly completely lost. This went on until dusk. I had no idea which way to go to get home. I would then say, “Okay, it is time to pray.” We would then say a quick prayer asking the Lord Jesus Christ to show us the way home. By this time, I opened my spiritual ears to hear from the Lord which way to go. I would encourage them to do the same. I would ask them to tell me which way they felt the strongest about in their spirit. In no time, we were back on a familiar road heading home; having had no idea how closely the lost roads connected to the road heading home.

We are never lost. God always knows where we are. He knows where we are in ministry, in our family, on our jobs, and in every area of our lives. We may get the distinct feeling of being lost but God always knows where we are and He is sure to bring us home. We must simply open our ears to His direction. Learn to enjoy where you are, not for the purpose of getting comfortable; but for the knowing you are on a road that leads home to the Father. Notice the beauty of your journey.


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