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The Cry of A Mother ~ Learning True Spiritual Authority in Parenting

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No matter where you are or what you are doing one of the greatest connections women have is that of motherhood. You can walk up to a total stranger, strike up a conversation on motherhood and discuss some of the most intimate details of pregnancy, child birth and so on. There is no age limitation, social or economic boundaries. All vulnerability has gone out the window. Motherhood crosses all boundaries.

However, one of the things I never heard mothers talk about is all that happens after about the age of five or six. In some cases, it is much older or much younger. It is at the point where the mother no longer shares her experiences with child development strongly due to embarrassment if the child displays behavior issues. There is a wide variety of things we encounter that we just do not feel comfortable speaking on. In many cases, this is done without the understanding that you are not alone. Mothers generally try to hide or denied the troublesome issues for concern of being looked down upon as a mother. These days are over!

I felt compelled let you know ONE hugh thing…You Are Not Alone. You are human! You have human feelings and they count! You have an amazing network of companionship on this journey. You are on a fantastic journey of giving life, nurturing that life and establishing a great foundation for a powerful legacy. You will provide an exceptional impression upon this earth.

Join me as we connect this great responsibility to Jesus and obtain greater access to the true source of our strength. Receive lasting results in your parenting. We as women and as Mother’s have been given enormous power and authority.

If you are tired of feeling like you are losing the battle with your children or

You are simply getting weary in well doing…This class is for you.
If you are at your wits end with your pre-teen or teen…This class is for you.

Maybe you just don’t want to parent anymore. It is not about how the children behave you just want a life of your own… This class is for you.

Maybe you really are tired of doing it alone…This class is for you.

Here is what you will receive:
• How to truly let go of all past hurts
• Clarity on the power you hold as a Mother and a Woman of God.
• The answer to… “Why does it take so long for God to answer your prayers?”
• What is the cry of your heart…even when you are not praying
• How to change your prayers for prosperity in your children
• What you can do today to change generations to come

Now that you have done all that you know to do, it is time that you learn to do more. Receive the spiritual dynamics of what has been missing in your parenting. God hears the cry of your heart and the answers have been given that will change your life.

Wed, May 29nd, 2013 at 7pm make the investment for change.

$27 before May 22nd, 2013
$39 after the May 22nd, 2013

With your participation in this class you will be provided with a discount link to purchase your own copy of Spiritual Parenting ~ Understanding your Roles as a Parent Spiritually for $10 plus free shipping (reg. $21 with shipping).

If you are interested, simply respond to this blog via demetrica@healingthefamily.org and your links will be sent to you.

FREE gift for the first 10 attendees

If this is not for you…No problem; bless someone else with this information.

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