Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

Stop discounting the hard places. It is a blessing to you because you will learn and grow. Your capacity will expand to open new avenues of blessings. Don’t discount the hard places. In the head places we learn who we are and who God is. He is faithful so be faithful even in the hardest of times. Stay focus on the things you know to do and increase your knowledge by seeking God on a daily basis. Ultimately your focus will be less on the things you cannot change at the moment and more on the things you can. Don’t discount the hard places they exist for a reason and a season.

We have to change our perspective on the trails and test that we go through. They are not for us to rebel against. They are a welcome agent whose purpose is to shape and sharpen our character into the likeness of Jesus Christ and the Father. Every trail and test has a distinct purpose of character development. Letting the peace of God overtake you gives you immeasurable strength. Peace comes through the submission to the will of God.  Choose to believe the best rather than the worst and watch with your spiritual eyes as God releases on your behalf.

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