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Solo Walk

This walk is truly a solo walk. We interact with people from time to time, but in the times that you are alone or lonely it is a reminder that; one, you must have a one on one relationship with the ONE who will never be able to leave you. It is simply impossible for Him to leave you. Two, this walk (life) is truly solo. There are millions of things you must do alone. It does not depend on no one but you. No matter how close a person is to you, whether it is physically close or spiritually close; there are things that you will have to do alone. I remember the story or prophesy in Matthew 24:36-44, how the Lord spoke of His coming. Two people were in the field working together; one was taken and the other left behind. Can you imagine working in a field with your friend, doing the same work, talking about the day or family and all of a sudden one of you are taken up into heaven; the other is not. Some things you must do alone….This walk is solo. It is separate from people but not separated from God. For those who choose not to walk with God they are truly, truly, truly alone. If I know that I cannot be with man (human), making that connection both spiritually and physically always; I would want to be with someone; Why not God. You have to decide everyday your eternal destiny.


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