Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

The Word of God tells us in Isaiah 40:31 to wait upon the lord. I have heard it preached that to wait does not always mean giving time for something or someone to arrive. It also means to serve this may very well be a key to success. In the beginning of any business or ministry you generally will not have people flocking to your services. It takes time for people to notice. I believe during that time you are waiting on God you are serving him; first. The Hebrew translation for wait upon is to bind together in a twisting form as to twist or wind a cord or rope. If you are binding together a cord by twisting it together to me that seems like working in preparation for something. You are expecting something so you prepare for it. Eventually what you expect will come to pass. But in the mean time you keep on preparing. Prepare your heart, mind, will, finances, family, business and ministry. Your strength is renewed during the waiting process. Soon enough you will sore like an eagle in your areas of preparation. Then you can run for God and not get tired and you can walk patiently; not give up on the vision.

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