Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

It is so important NOT to judge people by their yesterday or even their today because you never know what their tomorrow will bring. You have NO idea who you are ministering to or encouraging to their destiny. I believe that is so true for me as well. I pray that God will put people around me to encourage me not based on who I am today but who I have the potential of being tomorrow. I meditated on that and sure enough God sent someone who called me at 6:30am. As I was encouraging the person by the leading of the Lord; I was being encouraged. I told them just keep moving forward. Keep showing up; Jesus is always with us. Sometimes we have to fight our way through but the fight is in us and it makes us know that we are stronger. I shared with the person that Jesus is always with us even when we are tired and weary in well doing. He picks us up and carries us. I also said; don’t believe so much in the situations or the circumstances; believe God.

We have to be like The Tree Planted By The Rivers of Water(there was more than one river); we CANNOT be moved. You have to realize that some people in your life, who are bent on causing you harm, are just characters whose time on stage is up and they need to get off the stage of your life. If you have found yourself being even the slightest bit judgmental of people or their situation repent. Don’t label people based on their situation or circumstances. You never know who God is putting in your path to encourage and to lift up during that particular season in their life.

Did you know when The Children of Israel went into the Promise Land they had to fight the giants first in order to take the land? The land was theirs but they had to fight. Fight your way through your situation and encourage others to do the same. You will not be defeated especially when God promised the land to you. Remember who you are so that you can help others understand who they are. You have to perpetuate success in your heart not just for yourself but for others. God is a Creative God. He knows how to allow us to be so blessed while blessing others. He will have us encourage someone else while simultaneously being encouraged ourselves. The bottom line is when you magnify (Honor) others; you are magnified. I LOVE IT!

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