Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

I was thinking, as God raises us, there are things that He teaches us on an individual basis. You think everyone is being taught or has the full understanding of what is being taught to you. I realize that of all the people of the entire world during the biblical days who heard the Word of God; God only selected a few to write, record and speak the deepest parts of His truth with understanding. He only had a select few to tell the story that we read today. There was only a few of who are now His children that could get close enough to write the Truth for Him. He had to raise them up as His sons and daughters in order for them to truly understand Him. They were flexible enough, yielding enough, and surrendered enough to follow His all knowing plan. Many have interpreted the Word and Misinterpreted the Word as well. It is our responsibility to get in and stay in relationship with God so that we may receive the properly interpreted Word of God in our hearts. Doing all of this so that we are able to be raise by the All Knowing God of All Creation. To that end…here is my prayer. “Father, I decree today that I will understand You the way that You; through the Word desired us to understand You from the beginning. I pray that the knowledge that is released will remain not in my head but in my heart. Hide the Word so deep in my heart that I will never be out of alignment (agreement) with Your Truth.”

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