Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!


God is Sovereign. Whatever you are facing God allowed it. It is only to make you more accessible to Him. Trust Him through it. You will see what is already in you, prepared from the beginning to sustain you to the end. Come forth stronger in Him. Trust Game: Fall back into the arms of Jesus Christ. He has never stopped being in control of all things good or bad. The good shows us His power, love, and care for us. The bad teaches us to trust more and shows us the greatness He has placed in us to go through the fire. The fire is always bringing out the best parts of us that we did not know existed. It also shows us how powerless we are without Him. We have to go through seasons in order to build our capacity for more of God. This is how we become immersed in Him. Seasons are determined by you. When you actual get the lesson that God is trying to teach you to build your capacity. The purpose of your capacity being built is so that you will become less like your natural form and more like your spiritual form. You must be more spiritual than natural because Jesus is coming back to collect all things spiritual. So the statement “you so spiritual you are no earthly good” has truth. What happens to things in your kitchen that are no more good? They expire right? Well, when you become so spiritual you can no longer remain in the earth; you have to expire. This is a good thing. It means you have done all that you where suppose to do. However, while you are still here, there must be a balance in your spiritual place to still function in the earth. Everyone’s season is not the same; sometimes similar but never the same. Your understanding of spiritual things happens according to your spiritual makeup.

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