Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!


God has been speaking to my heart this word “situations and circumstances are tools”. They are like money, time, a house or a car: tools. Situations and circumstances are all tools for two reasons. One: to shape us into who we are called to be; fulfilling our purpose. Two: to become a tool for God to release His Love to the masses in the earth. We are all tools. Money has NO power! It is a tool. Time has NO power! It is a tool. Houses and cars are simple tools. We are all tools. Some tools seem to have more power than others. For example, is time more important or powerful than money? Is having a car more powerful than having a house? No. One is not greater than the other in these cases. The only source of “power” they have is the power that is needed to fulfill its purpose. However; because of the intelligence and relationship that God desires to have with us we out rank time, money, houses and cars in the spirit. As tools we are still what God uses to get what is in heaven here on earth; it is His good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. There is a spiritual ranking in heaven for basically everything and we are open doors to heaven. We are the access way to retrieve other tools from heaven. What we need as tools to complete our assignments here on earth has to move through the door of our spirit to manifest here on earth. We have ability like no other. We have the power of choice and authority over every other tool. Situations and circumstances are God’s tools. Don’t take too much stock in the fact that situations and circumstances come; they are simple tools. What has to be discovered is the purpose for the use of the tools. What does God desire to remove or add to you in order for you to be a worthy vessel? In other words, when you are facing a situation or circumstance try to understand what is the purpose; learn from it. For, He is the potter and we are the clay. He is shaping us into the perfect tool that will share the truth of His Love to many. Isaiah 64:8, John 3:16

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