Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

The process called life that we have been going through is a walk. We are walking out our true self. You are who you are from birth, but because we were born in the sinful flesh; we must walk out our authentic spiritual self. Walking out our spiritual self is the same as walking out our destiny or purpose. We are not growing to become a calling; we are walking in our spiritual self. If you are called to be a Prophet; you walk out the purpose or destiny of a Prophet. This is who you were from the foundation of the earth. We are not walking TO our Destiny; we are walking IN our Destiny. Everything we are experiencing, God allows to show us who we are. We are in the midst of our Destiny. You must look at the situations with your spirit to see what it is God is showing you about yourself. Every situation is created to show us what and who we are made of. We must continue to walk in the spirit so that we don’t become distracted by the situation that is only a tool to show us who we are. When you experience death of a love one, who are you? Are you one who clings to the absence of the one and never move forward? Was that love greater than the love you have for God? Or are you the one who trusts God’s Judgment and understands that God allowed the death for a multitude of reasons and you don’t allow it to separate you from the Love of God.

The Word of God asks the question, what, what, what (I ask you) shall separate you from the un-measurable Love of God? The situations we find ourselves in, we need not wrestle against them but understand that they are only there to show us who we are and how the spirit realm operates. You cannot be a member of the Kingdom of Heaven when you get there; you have to live by the laws of heaven here on earth; NOW. We have been endowed with power and positioned as sons and daughters in the spirit realm; where God has commanded us to walk. This is to those who have truly accepted His offer of unconditional love. God is trying to get us to understand our true capacity and spiritual worth. The spirit realm is constantly at work and you are without a doubt apart of it; whether you choose to be or not.

The Word of God further tells us that there is no judgment/condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. When you are walking out your destiny there is no judgment of death on you. When you are walking in the spirit every situation you face is there to force you into the place of walking in the spirit even the more; it forces you to seek God. As you seek God, you come into the understanding of who you are in Him. Walking in the spirit is simply being more spiritual minded than earthly minded. It is simply taking the Word of God, believing it and living by it. Believing and knowing that God is God and whatever you have need of as a tool to complete your assignment He will provide.

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