Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!


One day an interesting thing happened to me. I was in a setting where conversation was flowing. I was in the process of answering a question from one of the participants. I went a little off topic in giving my answer, simply because I felt in my spirit if I did not they would have been misled with my answer. When I finished my statement the facilitator of that session proceeded to tell me that this gathering was under their control and basically they felt that I should really understand that and not try to take over (so to speak) with my involved answer to questions that was posed to me. I agreed quickly (Matthew 5:25) and asked for forgiveness. The way that the statement was made it was clear to me that some haughtiness was manifesting right in front of me. I could have corrected (or rebuked) that haughty spirit right in front of everyone, but I did not. I knew that doing that would not be helpful in the setting that we were in. The group setting was clearly arranged by God and therefore He was in control. I was not in control nor was the facilitator. It was not about either of us. He spoke it into existence. If there is any claim to be laid; it was His. We are all benefactors of what He was choosing to release. The session had shifted from teacher student to open communication. The purpose of God shifting the session to open communication as appose to teacher student instruction was to show others the work He has done in them by giving them a voice. We all need a chance to speak and let what God put in us come forth. This I believe is vitally important. Why, because many time people need the validation. Jonah, Jeremiah, Moses, Paul and many others said that they could not do what God called them to do for one reason or another. God had to show them they had what it took to speak the truth, to speak the Word of God by giving them a platform. Pride rose up in the facilitator that God was allowing to have a platform to speak what they had in their belly. In order to save the soul from a wound; I humbled myself in the midst of an open rebuke and loved on the facilitator. I did not take offense. I was in that position of being un-offend-able, because I recognized what was operating through them. I could have come back at them and began to speak to that spirit; telling it to leave in Jesus Name. I found it unnecessary at the time and the setting. Instead I quickly assessed the situation and agreed with my adversary quickly. I apologized for what could have been an offence coming from me and dealt with the manifestation of that spirit in prayer. Dealing with pride in others is best dealt with in the spirit through prayer and commanding. Behind pride you will generally find insecurity and feeling of inadequacy.  There is no need to cause a scene. Quickly humble yourself and deal with the spirit manifesting in the spirit. Leave the rest to God. This is the easiest way to put out fires of the soul.

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