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Jesus house was in the desert where He hosted 5,000 + (Matt 14:13-21)

 How could the 5,000 be in a desert place and Jesus commands them to sit on the grass? How do you perceive your promise land?

The disciples saw this place as a desert but Jesus commanded them to sit in the grass. Perception…

The first thing Jesus did when He saw the crowd was to be filled with compassion. What does compassion mean? It means: To have the bowls yearn. Your bowls is your inner most part. Jesus most inner part yearns with compassion towards the people. He yearned to help them. The inner part of man is his soul. Jesus yearned from His soul. The moment that this yearning came upon Him the Power of healing and wholeness was released. It was automatic. The Power of Compassion is why He healed them first then feed them. That compassion comes from God. When Jesus was done healing them, He wanted to feed them. The disciples looked at the food that they had in their hands, not understanding that what they were seeing was a just a small manifestation of what was accessible to them. The multiplication of this small amount truly was a prior request that was now being manifested in the earth. Jesus always knew there was more where that came from. So, He took the seed of what was there; blessed it to multiply. He knew that at His request more would be made. Jesus could have simply commanded more to appear but He used that seed of the leftovers from the last blessing to call forth more.

The disciples said so quickly “all that we have” they could not see what they could not see. How many times have we looked at what we have in the bank and said, “All I have is …. Or in the kitchen cabinets and said all I have is …or in the refrigerator. When we could not see pass our circumstances. We could not see pass what was in our hand. Jesus took the seed looked up to heaven, where His provision was; He blessed it. Blessing someone or something you are speaking well of it with expectation or thought to someone or thing to prosper. It was not a deception of lack, that cause the disciples to want to send the multitude away it was that they did not understand who and where their true provision was coming from. They did not understand provision. Jesus did not send the multitude away until He made sure that they were fed. Instead of seeing lack Jesus saw seed; something to bless to get more. We have to have something to sow in order to reap. Don’t look at what you have as lack and want; see it as a seed to offer up to the Father for increase. After Jesus ministered (served), He went into the mountains to pray. Restoration was in order because of the Great spiritual power it took to minister (serve) to 5000 + guests.

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