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Hide & Seek

Hide and seek; when Jesus went on the cross one of the first things He showed the disciples when He returned was His scares. Hide and seek. Jesus said through His actions; I have been through something. I got some scars from carrying the cross; that is how you can ID me. Many people pretend like they have not gone through something. They want to play hide and seek. They hide the fact that they been through something. Instead of showing the scars (testimony) of what you have gone through (John 20:20). People need to know whatever it is that you have gone through. It is important not to hide what you have gone through on this journey. What we will go through as a part of the process, should not come as a surprise. We have to bear our cross. God nor Jesus promised that we would never to through something. They both spoke of exactly the opposite. You will go through but here is how you do it was their message. However, we are told the opposite. Matt 16:24-25. We will bear our cross if we choose to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus did not do what He did not expect us to do. He is our example. What we go through we must share the truth of our journey, be transparent by the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is not the character of the Lord to hide the journey but speak out about what He brought you through. People need to know that they are not alien. In other words, they are not the only one who has gone through what they have gone through. That is the absolute purpose of our lives and the process that we have to go through. The process is the step by step sequence of events in your life that will prove you worthy of eternal life in the presence of the Creator of all things. You must live out your course without shame, without fear, and any other issue that would not permit you to share your journey. You cannot hide your journey and seek the Lord. Why? Because your process is as a result of seeking the Lord and you have to share the knowing with those who God has ordained to hear it. This is how they will get over and get through. If you truly seek God long enough you will find that He will require this of you.

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