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A neighbor friend of mines told me during a conversation we were having that she prays for me. She told me that she prays for me telling God “Just give here what you promised her; already! Just give it to her.” Now I have to say that is going boldly before the Lord. For a day or so, those words stood out to me and I did not know why. Then it hit me that God has already given me everything that He has promised. It is inside of me. It is up to me to release it. I know how to release it and what it takes to release it. I needed to be reminded. You can never be a billionaire with a hundred dollar mind-set. You can pray for change, you can hope for change, you can believe for change but change is not change until you change your mind and then your actions. You must have FAITH in God to provide and protect, in Jesus to make the way and in the Holy Spirit to teach you along the way. You must have daily FOCUS on where you desire to go not where you are. From the smallest of tasks to the greatest of projects you must FINISH. Faith, Focus & Finishing bring results of change and change builds momentum in your purpose. The momentum of change fulfills your life’s purpose. Here is where you will find true fulfillment. What she was asking God for I already have. I have to move in the faith by first receiving the blessings and then moving on a daily basis towards them. As I do this, God will open and close all doors that need to be opened and closed. I have to move toward having a billion dollar mind-set because God has already released it into my hand.


Pray for change

Hope for change

Believe for change

Praise for change


Set your heart to CHANGE and it will manifest.


Faithfully Focus And Finish…

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    AWESOME!!!! I just learned something from this.

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