Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!


In the middle of the night, I began to get this word from the Lord on coveting. Many times people look at others both on TV and in real life desiring things that others have; from material things to personal relationships. The meaning for the word covet is to lust after. David was covetous of another man’s wife; which caused him to suffer one of the greatest tragedies; losing a child. To lust or desire that which is not yours is against God’s Law Exodus 20:17. The father warns us so many times throughout the word of Truth not to have a desire for another man’s things. God created us all with a perfect plan already laid out before us to walk out; just as He did with Jesus. It was the plan from the beginning that Jesus would die on the cross for your sins and mines. Every gift, blessing and good thing you perceive that is happening in another person’s life  is not good for you to have many people look at some one and say they have an incredible anointing on their lives; I want an anointing like that. Having no idea of the True Salvation birthing Process they had to go through for that to be released. The Glory is clearly seen but the process is not look at Job. I hear people say all the time for years how they do not want to go through what he went through. Some won’t even read the book for fear God will allow them to go through that. If the truth be told we all have to go through that process because it is when you go through that process you are truly saved. You understand what it means to be abased and abound. You could care less if you had a million dollars or nothing as long as you are in right standing with God. Desire that which is yours seek to know the plan god has for you it might just be greater than that which you see in others. The perfect plan that totally fits you has already been established.

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