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I have an interesting question. Why do we act like it is such a surprise when miracles happen? We should be expecting the miracle to happen; especially if we made the request. We must get to the point that we are not surprised when we see a miracle of any kind. Miracles are what we are supposed to be manifesting out of our belief system. If we are surprised then it could be that somehow our belief system is compromised. Our system is somehow compromised around the understanding that we are to become vessels of honor that are to manifest miracles every day. We have to get past seeing a miracle needed, knowing that God can do it but walk away with the simple exodus thoughts that “God will do it in His own time, I will pray about that later or all we can do is pray.” These are fearful defeated statements coming from the heart of the speaker. You are only surprised when you never believed in the first place. We cannot believe for the miracle when we need it; we have to believe long before we see the need. Jesus knew who He was and who the Father was. He knew that whatever His request would be; God would honor it and release the blessings needed. We have to see the blessings before they ever manifest here in the earth. Maybe you are saying how is that possible if we do not know what miracle is needed.  It is simple learn to believe God for the impossible no matter what it is. If it is impossible for man it is so possible for God. Whatever the miracle is God desires it to be done unto us. He desires this because it is a good thing and it is pleasurable to Him for us to receive the blessing He has promised us.


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