Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

Now I understand why God tells us not to take any thought for tomorrow because it has enough evil in itself (Matthew 6:24-34). I truly do. Just like God can change anything in a day, so can you? your heart can literally change in a day. It is so important master care of the condition of your heart. In a day your heat can change. It can change in hours you can literally go from being over shadowed by the presence of the Lord to feeling like you are in a backslidden state in you heart (which is the soul) my God I had no idea! I am reviewing the last couple of days and man I fell so junky today. In addition to making sure your heart is clean you have to do damage control to your belief system which is your heart and mind working together. I really do believe God’s Word! He said the righteous will scarcely, enter in we have to master this walk daily! Remember I Peter 4:18. It is so real to me now my goodness (Philippians 3:14). Un-forgiveness can clog the flow of heaven in your life. Your heart takes you where you have to go in God with and by the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. You have to get free from those things which are purposed to keep you out of alignment with the Lord (i.e. disappointment, discouragement, un-forgiveness, and the like). Surrender your will today for the will of the Father. Release all things into His capable hands; even your heart. Release your whole belief system to Him in Jesus Name. When you are done ask the Lord how to love His people as you love yourself; the way He has commanded.  Take the Word of God seriously and don’t allow the sin of today to go into your tomorrow, because tomorrow you will face other temptations that can disable your belief system. It is a powerful thing to keep your heart clean. You have to be ready and willing at all times to release the Love of God. You have to be a willing vessel allowing God Himself to flow through you. In order to be this vessel you have to remain in harmonious sync with God and all of heaven.

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