Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

As I focus on my relationship with God, I realize there comes a point where you could potentially stop trusting and start settling for the drops of revelation and blessing. You can begin to settle for the minimal blessing of the Lord instead of the former and the latter rain promised to you. What happens here is you get stuck on the fact that the things you sincerely prayed and asked God for were not released. Now the question is where are they in the storehouse? The things that you have need of to complete your purpose is all stored in your heavenly storehouse. However, they are all release in sequence. You begin to ask where your blessings are. Why have they not come? You have to understand that they are released according to the timing of God. Your spiritual capacity which consists of your faith (trust in God), level of spiritual maturity and position in the salvation birthing process has to be in the right place to receive all the blessings of God. Some blessings require your capacity to be very big because of the responsibility that goes with the blessing; others do not.


In this place you love God with all your heart and soul but you begin to make your requests far and few between or you just stop asking. Your prayers become please because there is a lack of confidence around the will of the Father regarding your request. So, instead of getting in tuned with God to receive an answer, you create an answer and hope for the best. This is a manifestation of fear. You fear going after God for the answer for fear that you will not receive one. The key to moving pass this form of spiritual stagnation is to continue to do the last thing God told you to do, keep your heart clean and continue to seek God. He is not hidden from you, but you have to come to Him in the right heart and spirit. Your heart is the key to your storehouse. Don’t settle for the drops EXPECT the former and latter rain. There is more in your storehouse than you can ever imagine.

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