Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

I clearly remember getting this prophesy from David Wagner; a renown prophet of God. He said to me that “Daddy is coming”. He (David) went on to say “Daddy God is coming to your house”. I did not understand that this man was prophesying about something that was so far in the future; that I may not even remember had it not been recorded for my benefit. He when on to say one of the most amazing things; I am still trying to grab the full understanding of is he said, “Your job is not your source; God is your source”. He also said, “There is going to be a season of really stepping into the source of God.” I really wanted to meditate on what David had said because God reminded me some 3, 4, 5 years later of what this man of God had said. Well, I decided to dig deeper. When I looked up in the dictionary meaning of the word source it said ‘the beginning part of a stream’. My first thought was the flow of heavens currency and the streams in the garden. We cannot get hung up on out natural genealogy. It is good to know the beginning of your natural self but it is the beginning of your spiritual self that will change your life for eternity. The beginning of our stream is God, because He is the Creator of All things. He is the beginning and He is the end. This man spoke about stepping into a season of the source of God. The source of God knows what you have need of. There are times when we receive something that we did not ask for God knew that we would have need of it and it came right on time; maybe it was not used at the time it was given but when you the time came to use it – it was right on time. That is the source of God. There is a flow of heavenly currency or provision for each and every person. In the midst of that flow is everything you need to live and carry out your kingdom assignment. You have to come in the understanding that God is the Creator of all things and no matter what you see in your face or manifesting around you; you have to know that God has a plan that can never fail because He created it in absolute perfection. He is your source for every single solitary thing you will ever need in this world and the eternal life to come. He planned for it; with a purpose and much value added to it. You will never be able to meet your own needs. You have to learn to let God and let the Source of God flow through your life. God is your source forever.

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