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When you speak (or think) something out of a heart that believes it becomes. You will be able to manifest miracles wherever you go. When you believe the power of God is working through you; you EXPECT miracles to manifest. Your heart is already positioned to see miracles manifest; that is why and how they will manifest. You already know that you are a clean vessel for which God can use to set people free and miracles manifest. The authority or power that you would be waiting on is already present you. You have to realize that you only need to speak from a heart of faith (trust) in God. You must know at the moment you ask or command it is going to be done; immediately! When you speak or command you must do so with expectancy. Just like when you as a mother, father, or supervisor or any person in a position of authority tell or give a command you expect it to be done. You gave the command out of the wisdom of your heart. When you do this and the manifestation of what you commanded appears it is not because you were waiting to see what was going to happen. You asserted your authority with expectancy of results; that is the reason you got the results. Why are we surprised by the amount of revelation we receive when the revelator lives inside of us? The point of getting revelation is that we actually receive it. We have gotten a lot of revelation but how much of it have we truly received in our hearts. God told me to do a year in review of my journal. God was releasing some powerful stuff. How much of it did I mediate on and bring into my belief system. You rejoice about what was being said but are you meditating on it. You got the revelation but you went on living the same way.


It is time to repent and receive…

Father, forgive me for walking with the spirit of fear. Fear of the responsibility of carrying your Glory to the fullest. Heal my heart Lord of past attempts to see your glory manifest and they did not manifest because of the condition of my heart. Renew my belief system. In Yeshua’ (Jesus) Name.


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