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Archive for 03/21/2012

Kings to Kings

Kings talk to kings. True kings (queens) can only talk to true kings. When I say kings I am not speaking about gender; I am speaking about spiritual position. True kings can and should deal with kings. I have heard stories and experienced it myself where change needed to happen and it had to be handled by a king speaking to a king. A friend of mines went to return an item to the store when she spoke to the customer service representative; their response was not in her favor. The item was expensive; so my friend found it necessary to move up the “latter” so to speak. The staff at customer service basically told her no. God told her that it was possible for her to return the item and that it would be fine so she press the issue; not taking the no for an answer. The issue was taken up to the store manager (the King). He was the highest ranking official in that place. My friend walks as a king in the kingdom of God. it was only when the store manager got involved did she get what God told her was hers. Whether or not the store manager was saved; he recognized the spiritual authority that she walks in. He may not even have known that he was in the presence of a king in his natural mind, but his spirit identified her authority. Even if the store manager was filled with demons they had to fall subject.

I was talking to a friend and I asked this question that I had wanted to ask for a long time. When I am in prayer I could constantly see myself in arenas preaching the word of God. I would look out over the sea of people and demons would be flying out the back of the arena. I asked, how that can happen; because I know in order to be truly free you have to clean your heart first. She answered with an answer the Lord had spoken to me before; you have to command Satan to command his demons to leave. You have to go to the king and command from the head down. Satan is the head of all the demons. God gave us power and authority to command Satan in Luke 10:19. We have to go to the king and command. Once you command the king; the kingdom will have to follow. Every king know which king has more power. Satan does not have authority over us we have to know our own power in the realm of the spirit. The world teaches us that we must work our way up to every goal in life. God teaches us we need only to command from the top down for things that we need to manifest here on earth. We have to understand our true position of authority. We have the power and authority to create. Your life is created by your perpetual thoughts. Your perpetual thoughts are written on the tablet of your heart, the angels that are assigned to you run with haste to complete what you have written. The understanding that you must have that can deem you blessed or curse is that it is not only angels from heaven that see what is written it is also the fallen angels (demons) that see what is written. They can’t comprehend what is written for the angels of heaven but they can see what is written that is contrary to the Word of Truth. That contrary word is an assignment from you to them. You are actually giving command knowingly or unknowingly to demons which wreak havoc in your life. Watch therefore your thoughts. For the Word of God says as a man thinketh so is he (Proverbs 23:7). So, when  you are thinking (speaking) make sure you are speaking to the king with authority.