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Archive for 03/20/2012

Just waiting on God….

I have heard it said that you must do this or that if you want to see the hand of God move. The truth of the matter is that God’s hand has truly already moved. I have also heard people say “I am waiting on God and He will move when He is good and ready”. I have said that many times myself. The truth is God is waiting on us. He is waiting for us to take down our perception of Him that does not line up with the Word of Truth. God has not hidden Himself; He has been in plain sight form the very beginning. Paul confirms it in his letter to Rome in chapter one. He is waiting on us; God created, Jesus redeemed, and now the Holy Spirit is teaching and leading. He has the map back to the Kingdom. We must follow the Trinity in order to evade the attempts of the adversary. The work is completed. All we need to do is follow and we will find our way to eternity with Him. God has done it all. There is nothing left for Him to do. It is up to us now to show Him faithfulness to His Son by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We have to master walking in dominion. Calling those things that be not as those they have already happened; because they did in the spirit. The plan for your life has been established long, long before you ever arrived here. So, trust that plan and keep moving in faith.