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Archive for 03/16/2012

Going deep

There is a layer of skin that we shed called the epidermis. It is the outer most layer of the skin that covers the human body. There are five layers to the epidermis. The top lay of the epidermis is the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is shed about every two weeks. There is an old adage that says “You have not even scratched the surface”. This is to say that you have not gone deep enough. One morning I thought of how this thin layer of skin is shed on a regular basis relates to the depth of understanding we have to obtain in order to truly know God. It just cannot compare to the depth of revelation God desires to release. So much of what I have been taught and what I know is still being taught only scratches the epidermis of actual truth of God’s Word. The Word of God tells us to lay aside the sin and the weigh that so easily besets you (Hebrew 12:1). This is true even for the smallest of things life would like us to get entangled with. To beset is to attack from all sides. We are constantly under siege just like Jesus was and just like Jesus we have the power to circumvent the attempts and always be more than a conquer through/within Jesus Christ our Lord. We only need to heed the direction of the Holy Spirit. The more sin and weigh you lay aside or give up; the deeper and higher you will be able to go in Jesus Christ. You cannot go deeper if your heart is not clean and your purposes are not pure. The body sheds this layer of skin because the abuse the skin receives from the elements reduces it power to protect. So the skin has to go deeper to get the nutrients   from the body to allow the skin to stay strong enough to protect. It cannot go deeper until it sheds the excess weight. Your natural body consistently gets rid of the excess weight. We have to do the same thing spiritually; if we want to see more of God and less of us. We have to go deeper in prayer. We have to go deeper in praise. We have to go deeper in worship. We have to go deeper to seek out the revelations of God (Matt 6:33). Deeper, deeper, deeper. Shed the weight of un-forgiveness, bitterness, disorder, disobedience, fear, doubt, disappointment and distractions. Receive the nutrients of the deeper things of God. GO DEEPER!