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Archive for 03/15/2012

Don’t get comfortable waiting

Fear is cunning and easy to slip into. As I meditate on the blessings I know that God has for me, I hear the Lord say “Fear of success”. I could not understand what God was talking about. Then it hit me. I have been waiting so long for blessings, that I have heard God tell me were mine; that I have gotten comfortable in waiting for the blessings of the Lord to manifest. Instead of being content I got comfortable. At this time I had done all that I thought I could do. I went to my limitations. I was then waiting patiently for God to allow the blessings to be released for manifestation. During this time, for a week the website had been completed; it only needed two quick repairs. I have held back on those repairs, because I had tried all of this before and it did not work. I was attempting to prepare my heart for the worse. This is not a spiritual law. That old saying; “prepare for the worse but expect the best.” God does not tell us to prepare for the worst. He tells us to prepare for the best and expect the best. That’s Faith (trust). I guess I felt like it has been a long journey and I just could not handle anymore disappointments. So, instead of moving forward; I held back. God spoke to me and said; “release it again and you will find success”. The season was all not yet when I did it the first time. I got practice and did it a little better the next time. I knew that I had to release it and let God be God. Many times, we believe for the millions/billions but are we REALLY ready? I must say, I was not sure if I could handle the responsibility of being a millionaire or billionaire. It is not all about shopping and being able to pay your bills. You have to have the proper mindset to manage that big of a blessing or you will lose it as quick as you received it. During this time, I had written on my heart an unspoken fear and the strongholds came. I was paralyzed in that fear. I was not in fear in my daily functions, but I was fearful around this project; that is why I delay the completion of it. In that lesson, God taught me to get rid of all fear. Do not agree with any words or thoughts of fear. He also helped me to understand to a greater degree that where there is no assignment the strongholds cannot remain.  I had to move out of the comfort of “waiting on God” and move in faith releasing the Word God has for so many, by releasing the website. I realized that, while I was “waiting on God”, He was waiting on me.