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Archive for 03/14/2012

Darkness within

To be honest…I saw a vision of darkness within me. Let me step back…What I first saw was a light in my belly.  It was a sphere that was growing; getting stronger and larger. The light seemed so amazing to me and I wanted it to grow. I could see the light getting smaller then larger in motion like someone breathing. The darkness was attempting to smother it to keep it from bursting through out my body. I did not understand until I read Romans 1:18. I realize that everyone is give a measure of truth, but some choose to suppress it in order to live out their fleshly desires.  In that same chapter, Paul goes on to say God makes Himself know to all. He does not hide Himself from His creation and there are no excuses to anyone attempting to excuse their unrighteousness. The Word of God is the essence of God’s power to bring salvation to every person that trusts (Lean on/rely on) Him. Paul goes on to say that man became futile (useless) in their THOUGHTS and THEN their hearts were darkened. Your thoughts, our thoughts are SO POWERFUL! In a way it is scary to think about because many of us feel as though we don’t have control of our thoughts. We must learn how to control our thoughts the way that we attempt to control our mouth. That is a challenge because out thoughts are perpetual, because we are perpetual beings our thoughts never stop; try it. Try not to think of anything. I did this exercise. The most I got when I tried was the thought of not thinking. God has told us so many times in the Word that our Words are powerful, but so are out thoughts.  In fact thoughts are more powerful. What you think will manifest in the natural; it all starts at the realm of thought. The word thought and any variation is mentioned 139x in the word. The Greek meaning to the word THOUGHT is to speak! Aw-mar means to speak. Be careful of your thoughts and be diligent to let your light shine with Truth.