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Archive for 03/13/2012

Believing without the experience

Believe it or not; many people want God to take them into heaven or even to hell. They want some kind of supernatural experience that will allow them to believe in God most assuredly. What that request does is ask God to prove Himself to them. They are asking him to prove that He is the Great I Am. God said, in the Word that it is only the scribes and Pharisees that seek after a sign they are ones without a relationship with God; they do not know Him. He called them evil and said; no sign will be given to them. You must first believe that He is and then diligently seek Him in order to be rewarded with the inheritance of the earth and the Kingdom of God. (Hebrews 11:6)

I am not void of the understanding that people ask God for this request solely because they want to truly experience the supernatural and it is not about God proving Himself to them. But I will say this if you want to truly experience the supernatural then humble yourself. When you humble yourself; it will come automatically. The more you release all of your carnal thinking and manifested ways you will be able to see the Father and hear Him clearly. He is not hidden from no one but the sinner who cannot see because of their sin. (Romans 1:20)

God loves us so much that it is only His will to show you all that He has created and you do not have to die to see it. God can show you all that He has done while you are still present in the earth. You must ascend into His presence to see. How do you ascend into His presence? It is simply; you must have clean hands and a pure heart. (Psalms 24:4) Obtaining clean hands and a pure heart is a daily process. You must seek Him daily. Then and only then will the mysteries will be revealed.