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God literally has chosen the worse candidates to be saved; in many cases. His is the God of the impossible and He enjoys taking on impossible tasks. He chose the drug addict, prostate, liar, thief, cold hearted and murderous minds to be saved. Why did God choose these people to be the ones who will accept the gift of salvation? Because to man (and his wisdom) they were or are what seemed to be a lost causes…but God! They were considered to have nothing to offer to the world. Do you ever feel like you are the black sheep of the family? Like you just don’t fit? Well you are the very one He loves and chases after. Yes…Yes. He loves everyone, but He chooses the worse of the worse to show forth His Glory. To the user of profanity, the liar, and the thief, you are who God wants. To the one who feels like they don’t fit in the natural family; God has a heavenly family that you are perfect for. He loves U with an everlasting love. Don’t waste time wondering why you are the way that you are; just know that you are made in His image and likeness. You have more to offer than you think. It is His desire to remove all that is not of Him in you which too many would seem like a miracle; but it is just God’s handy work. He desires to show you and the part of the world that rejects you; that there is a God who cares even for the ones that seem worthless. He desires that you be transformed into His full and complete likeness and serve as a living testimony to what He can do for others. We as saints of God must go after those hard people; every one of those who the world says is worthless. They are who God is after for His Glory. It is easy to speak to those who already know the truth (in some cases), but to stand with the Power of Jesus running through your veins and speak to those who don’t; Now that is the REAL MISSION!


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