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When Are The Blessings Coming?

In my quiet time with the Lord today I asked the question “When are the blessings coming”? I am sure that many of you asked God this question all the time; some may even ask never even knowing what they are expecting from God.  Some may ask because God has told already them that the blessings were on the way.  I am not sure what you believing God for, but I can tell you one thing for sure; God is God. God is the God of order and He blesses us in order. If God has given you an assignment and you have not completed the assignment you need to go back and complete that assignment. The doors for the next thing will not open until you have completed the first task.  We expect God to bless us with things we want all at once.  If you are a parent think of it this way; you would not bless you infant with a car for them to drive on the day of their birth, right? Not even if you are rich. God blesses us one situation at a time. God truly can bless us when and how He chooses, however; I have taken note of the fact that God blesses us one step at a time. When we move forward in what He has commanded us to do.  He will open doors and create provision for us to carry out His agenda. Mathews 25:21


Remember Jonah and the whale (Jonah chp. 1-4)?  God gave him an assignment to carry a Word to the region of Nineveh.  Jonah feared the faces of man and did not want to go.  God would not allow him to complete or be satisfied in his life until he fulfilled the task, assignment, the call, the mandate; whatever you want to call it. The point is God would not release Jonah. The message is simple. God has made an investment in us from the foundation of the earth to carry out assignments for His Glory and to ultimately restore His children back to Him. You are a major part of this restoration God is seeking after.  You must do your part to be able to receive the blessings that go along with the assignment.  If you are to receive anything from God not having given something to God; then He would be a liar and He is not.  The whole world was created by sowing and reaping. We must understand that this is fact and it is as sure as you breathe. You have to make steps of progression to get the blessings God has for you. Going to church is not enough. You must involve yourself in a relationship with God so that He can build in you His Character. The point is to do something that will bear fruit. The fruit that God is looking for is the souls of man. He wants man to choose to love Him as He has loved us.  When your blessings seem to be delayed, ask yourself this question have “I sown into God’s agenda or am I still trying to sow into my own agenda?” The harvest is great and we must stop the infantile games sometimes played in the churches; grab hold of the Father’s agenda and move forward.  Your blessings are waiting for you in the unfolding of God’s agenda in your life.