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What is good?

It is a perception of the condition of a thing or situation that brings us to a decision on whether the thing is good or bad. When things are good we perceive that it is God. What is evil? It too is a perception; when things go wrong or out of desired expectation we perceive it as evil. Because Satan was the first to manifest something evil; he is give the charge that all evil comes from him. Here is the thing, all things are allowed by God; He remains in control at all times. It is our perception of the situation that determines if it is good or evil according to our flesh. Many people choose to believe that God would not allow something evil or bad to happen. He does. He allowed it with Job, Jonah, David and many others. He allows good and bad for the making of our spiritual selves. The adversary is only able to place a cloak of deception over your situation to get you to relinquish your faith and impart fear. You move out of the faith that God is in control of everything into the fear that basically; He is not. If you assume or perceive good or bad about a situation without considering it is working for your good you end up losing out. You will experience a deficit in your life. Maybe you remember the old saying “what don’t kill you only makes you stronger.” Well, that is a true statement. You can never tell what you have the ability to overcome until you have overcame it. Faith is our sight in the spirit realm (which is the causal realm) If we are moved out of our faith, we are then trapped in the carnal realm which will only provide us with false perceptions.

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  1. April Pierce said:

    This is good to know and understand. I just heard a woman say that they “hated” God for a long time because he took their mom when they were 19 years old. They said their mother wasnt a drinker or a smoker and did well in society. God allows things to happen for whatever the reasons are for each particular individual and situation. We have to let God be God and stop blamming him for everything wrong or bad. Our choices in life could result in a tragic ending in life.

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