Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

Many people are looking for God in this dimension (the natural; here on earth); He is not here. His throne is not hidden in a foreign land. He is spirit and He lives in spiritual places. We are spirits and in order for us to really know Him; we have to walk in the spirit of who we are. Many people are expecting to go to heaven when they die, but if you don’t realize that you are in heavenly places right now you will never make it there for eternity (Eph. 2:6). If you are going to church everyday or every Sunday in hopes that when you die you will go to heaven; you may very well be on your way to hell! Why; because you have no relationship with the Father. You cannot have a relationship with the Father if you are not walking in your authentic spiritual self. Prime example: If you are looking up to heaven when you are commanding demons, Satan, fallen angels, or even heavenly angels; you are praying in the wrong position.  You have not identified your true authority in Christ Jesus.  You don’t have a relationship. If you are looking down to earth you are in the right position.  You understand that your authority and you are walking in it.  It is mainly the condition of your heart and mind-set that keeps you in right position; NEVER look up at demons. Understand your true spiritual position and walk in it.

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