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Here is another journal entry that I felt very strongly that you can benefit from.



In this last day of the month of new beginnings, I reflect on all that I went through. I had to go a striping of my soul (mind, emotions, will) of things that had been for a very long time people do not realize just how much their soul is affected by daily living. Many times people don’t think on the effects because they believe that it is only the spirit of a man that will enter into heaven. This is becoming more clear that this is not the case both your spirit and your soul will be present in heaven or hell which ever you choose. The stripping of the soul is the most difficult process because this is the place that most of your spiritual activity that makes up who you are; is happening. God longs for the time of intimacy with us. I once heard someone speak of being in the bed chamber with the Lord. I thought it sounded inappropriate at first. I now understand what the Lord wants.  It is not intimacy in the sense of sexual connection, which is the closest two humans of the opposite sex can aspire to. There is a greater level of connectivity that the Lord desires. This connectivity is so great that you would not be able to separate one from the other. Just as Jesus says in the Word “I am in my Father and My Father is in me” the relationship is so deep that you cannot separate one from the other. An example of this depth of a relationship is marriage. This is part of the reason Satan hates unity especially that of a husband and wife so much. This unity proves to have great power. When we get to the point of being this intimate with the Father, you begin to go places of the unknown. You have no other choice but to trust Him because it is the Father who is taking you out there. Wow…God how Great thou art! You Majesty is beyond measure!


God has so much in store for us but there is a process. You cannot just run up to it. You are not ready to receive it. You have to go through the process of maturation. You must go through the three major processes to show you can handle the more God wants to bless you with. This more is not just for you but for you to bless others. This more of God will cost you something. It will cost you much. You will be striped just as job was. You will lose connection in your heart with everything you thought was more important than this intimacy with God and things you didn’t. You will be immersed in the heart and love of God to a degree that is unbeatable. It is then that you will understand His glory and your inheritance.

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