Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

It is not spiritually healthy to be abused in your training in the body of Christ. Some may say it is worse when you deal with people in the church; this should not be. Some may say it is better that you take the beating from someone you are being trained by rather than any other person. What people do not understand is that when people are being insulted and embarrassed; it causes a soul wound that you can’t “just get over”. You have to go through the process of forgiving and being healed by the Healer Himself. This is why many go far in ministry and then fall. They are full of church wounds and other wounds that literally contaminate the flow from the Father.  This is not the work of the Lord. Jesus did not teach us to lord over people with abuse. He taught us to lead and guide in love. Don’t allow yourself to be soul wounded or a soul wounder for you will be held accountable.

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