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We have to trust God for every step we take. God has done the work and it is finished Gen 2:1. We only need to follow the steps to complete what He has done and placed in each of us. Every step activates another step. We must follow those steps even to the simplest things such as folding clothes. Why? Because folding clothes promotes order and we must have our lives in order; allowing us to walk out what God has planned for us. The Lord spoke this to me one day I was folding clothes and desiring to do other things. He showed me how important it was to do it because it keeps my household in order. We have to trust the Holy Spirit. He is guiding us and we should not be guiding ourselves. We have been saved by faith and we must walk by faith (II Corinth. 5:7). It is by the perfection of the Holy Spirit that we are maintaining our salvation; not by the perfection of the flesh; for which there is nothing perfect in it. Nothing in our flesh can get the attention of God. It is only our faith and obedience that keeps the movement of God present in our lives.

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  1. There are a lot of little mundane things that need done in life. It is how we carry them out and who we do it for, (Christ) that make a difference.

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