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Walking Away…

I hear a lot of Christians say “I am not or I can’t do this Christian thing anymore” I know because I myself have said it. But I have come to realize that when you are in true relationships with God it is not at all easy to walk away. In fact you don’t even think of it. The Word tells us in Psalms 34:8 “O taste and see that the Lord is good”. I don’t think that you can really “taste” God until you go through the true Salvation Birthing Process; whereby you are being or have been emptied, broken, and stripped of all your worldly connections. It is only when you truly release and trust the sovereignty of God that you can truly taste His goodness. From that…I can assure you- you will not walk away. It is only then that you will see (perceive) by revelation; the true and living God. When you truly understand who you are serving and the nature of your service; you will see your authentic self. You will no longer look in the mirror at that uniform Christian walking with the stronghold of haughtiness when bears the fruit of religion. Trust me, I was there. You will see a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Disciple meaning to learn or one who follows one’s teaching. It is when you learn and follow (100%) of God’s teaching that you become a disciple. The world has truly created a substandard form of Christian living and taught if from generation to generation. Instead of giving the next generations the knowledge of true power bondage and fear is passed down. These are all vices of the adversary of their soul; to keep us separated from God. If we really think about it, we cannot really walk away from God for He is our creator. He is omnipresent, but we can disobey Him which brings about the separation. What we do that replicates the act of walking away is called apostasy. Simply turn our back to God. This is real whether it is in our heart or in the manifestation of the condition of our heart (naturally evident). You can never leave the Omni-present God, but you can repent and develop a love relationship with the one who chooses to never ever leave you. Make walking away a non-option. Serve God with your whole heart. Selah…

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  1. So true! Great word Demetrica. I love it.


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