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The name of the Lord God almighty is a strong tower. When you hear Donald Trump’s name you think millions of dollars. When you hear Kirk Franklin you hear Music to be encouraging and to jam to. When you hear Oprah’s name you think TV and maybe money. But…when you hear the NAME JESUS you come to attention. Why? Because you are hearing the CREATOR, the SACRIFICIAL LAMB, the WAY MAKER and the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIGHT. When you hear HIS NAME you think, SAVIOR who saves me in the time of trouble. When HIS NAME is spoken with it come POWER and AUTHORITY and the conditions of your circumstances must change. HIS NAME will remove all manner of sickness; will bring resources from out of nowhere. HIS NAME alone brings all of creation-not just the creation of the earth- but all of creation; all of creation is the universe and beyond into alignment. HIS NAME alone is the BIGGEST, TALLEST, WILDEST, and STRONGEST tower that you can actually, literally run into from the storms of life and be safe. A rich man will run to his house for safety or to his job for comfort or to the things he possess. BUT…the one in right relationship with God runs to HIM because He is their ark of safety. RRRRUUUUNNNN to  THE STRONG TOWER AND BE SAFE…


♪Your next in line for a miracle, Today is your day for a miracle♪ – Shirley Caesar

Enjoy: Proverbs 18:10, 20-21

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  1. This is so true because I know for me when I read the bible after having to endure the enemy trying to deceive me into loosing faith in what God has already told me is so, when I go to the bible peace literally consumes me ❤

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