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We read, pray and walk away. Often times we forget what we saw. When we read the word we must understand that we are literally taking a glimpse into the Person of God. We can’t forget what we have been shown. When we look in the mirror we may see glimpses of our natural parents. We see the image of those who created us (in the natural). Some may turn away ready to forget and some will stand focused determine to remember. Spiritually, who are we to look like? If we are created in the image and likeness of our Heavenly Father; it is Him we should see when we look in the (spiritual) mirror. It is noble to read the Word of God and see (catch a glimpse), but it is Authority, Dominion and Power to remember what you saw. Look in the mirror (the Word of God) again, stay there and study what you see. The Lord told me some time ago to look in the Mirror. It was while I was sleeping that He spoke this to me. No, it was not a dream. I could literally hear the Father speaking to me as I slept. Later that day I remembered Him speaking to me, but it was not when I went to wash my face or brush my teeth. It was while standing at the microwave looking into the glass of the china cabinet nearby. All of a sudden, I heard a song from Heaven, the words were, “Look at you, what do you see, you see me, I’m you and you are me, we are one” this was God speaking to me with a song. The song soothed my soul. It was so gentle. I can remember the melody it was like a soft mellow children’s song. I knew in my spirit that He wanted me to remember that the Word of God is me and I am in the Word because I am in Him and He is in me. We are one in the spirit. He was telling me this because I have immersed myself in His Word; I have become one with Him.  We must look into the mirror and never forget what we see. Immersion in the Word is immersion in Him. This allows us to become one with Him; just as Jesus Christ is. Who we see in the Mirror will be Christ when we are immersed in His Word. Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see more of you or more of the Father?

The Lord then spoke this Word to me, “Don’t be concerned daughter about meeting the world’s standards, but meet your heavenly ones.” I want to look in the mirror and see my Heavenly Father. How about you?

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