Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!


The process we call life is really a spiritual walk. The walk takes a turn for the better when you accept the Lord God as your personal Savoir. You were initially born in the sinful flesh. We must be born again and what that means is you are born into the awakening and realization that we are spirit. We must then learn to live as spiritual beings in an earthly vessel. This may sound spooky to some, but it is truth. As spiritual beings, we are made in the likeness of the Lord God Almighty. As His children we are given an inheritance of power and authority. We are given spiritual authority as born again children of the Most High God to take dominion over the earth. In order to take the dominion of that birth right we have to go through a process of maturation. In this process of maturation we gain spiritual authority. We gain spiritual authority each time we are faced with a trail, situation or circumstance where we choose to apply God’s word to it and not our own resolution. God calls this being faithful over a few things and He then gives us much more.

We were all given an assignment to complete in the earth the moment we were born. We have to walk in our spiritual authority in order to fulfill our purpose on the earth and to bring more of God’s children into His Kingdom. The true process of completing that purpose does not begin until we have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. We are not growing to become what which we are called to do; we are learning to walk in our spiritual authority in that God given position. In the course of this walk you are daily identifying our authentic self. Your authentic self is who you are in God, free from all the sin and the weight of the flesh. Who you are with God’s characteristics developed in you; is who you begin to see more clearly in the process. We are not walking into our Destiny; we are walking in our Destiny; NOW. Everything we are experiencing now is a part of our destiny.  Why? You may ask, because destiny is the by-word for destination. You were born into the earth with intention; earth is your destination.  As you walk out your destiny it leads you back to your heavenly home. Until you get home your destiny is incomplete.

God allows situations and circumstances to build your spiritual authority. Begin to look at the situations in your life with your spirit to see what God is showing you about yourself. Every situation is created to show us what we are made of. It will surprise you to know how much you can actually handle. If someone told you before you experienced what you did, you would probably told them no you cannot handle it; but you made it through. We must continue to walk in the spirit so that we don’t become distracted by the situation that is only a tool to show us who we are.

What does walking in the spirit really mean? How do you really walk in the spirit? Walking in the spirit is simply trusting in the supernatural knowledge that you obtain from reading and understanding the Word of Truth. It is also believing in (relying on) the unseen spiritual realm. It’s believing in (having faith in) what you cannot see more than what you can see. It’s believing in the Love of God and never allowing earthly manifestations to separate you from that Love. The Word of God asks us, WHO shall separate you from the immeasurable Love of God? The situations we find ourselves in, we need not wrestle against them. We must receive the Word of God in our heart and rely on it as our life source. We must recognize that situations have come to bring out of us what we did not know we had in us; power and authority to overcome. Through these situations and circumstances, when we walk in the spirit, we learn how the spirit realm operates through the Word of God. We have to understand that we have been endowed with power and positioned as Kings and Queens in the spirit realm. Through every situation, God is trying to get us to understand our true capacity and spiritual worth. The Word of God further tells us that there is no judgment/condemnation for those who are in Christ; who walk in the spirit and not in the flesh (Romans 8:1). When you are walking out your destiny-from day to day- there is no judgment of eternal death on you; when you are walking in the spirit. Every situation we face is there to force us into the place of walking deeper and deeper in the spirit. It forces us to seek God and as we seek God, we understand more and more of who we are in Him. Walking in the spirit is just that, being more spiritual minded than earthly minded. Daily walking in the belief and internal knowing that God is God and whatever you have need of as a tool to complete your heavenly assignment in the earth; He will provide.

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