Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!


It is not until we leave the Matrix (the prevailing conditions of the world and its system); that we are seated in heavenly places. It is at the moment we choose to walk in the spirit and not focus on the flesh. Jesus said that He is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle. What is a spot or a wrinkle? It is sin. One of the biggest sins that can go unnoticed is the sin of fear. Fear is the very first sin that will make hell available to you. There is fruit that stems from the tree (so to speak) of fear and it is unbelief. Your unbelief is a lack of trust, trust is faith and the Word of God tells us that “without faith it is impossible to please God” Hebrew 11:6 (emphasis added).Those who have fear are the first to be casted into the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8). You must walk fearlessly in the spirit of the True and Living God. Your spiritual position changes the moment that you choose not to walk in fear.  The Lord says in Psalms 24:3-4, who shall ascend into the Holy Hills of the Lord, accept those with a clean heart and clean hands. We can read this at face value but what does God really mean in Psalms 24:3-4. I asked the Lord, “Why hands, Lord? I understand heart, because we have to forgive and have faith but why hands?” He answered and said, “Because faith (heart) and works (hands) go together, they must always walk together in order for heaven to respond to any request from man.” Our faith must to be consistent with laser beam focus. I am not moved by what I see in the natural realm, I am only sure of what I know in the Spirit of God. God said every need is met and it is so. 

 Another spot or wrinkle that can keep you out of proper spiritual position is un-forgiveness. You have to learn to love forgiving people of their offenses. Once you have forgiven, do you never speak of it again? No, except for as a tool of testimony. We cannot leave the Matrix with hearts and souls that are full of the world’s ways. We have to live by the Word of Truth not allowing access ways for the adversary (choosing sin). Choosing to live a life that is free of certain sins is easy, but there are others that can go unnoticed if you are not careful to work on your soul’s salvation with fervent focus. When you maintain the purity of your soul and spirit you are exalted into your rightful position, whereby you have authority over all of hell. In this position you are able to command forth whatsoever is needed in your life and the lives of others.


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