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FAITH Frequency

Your faith must operate at a frequency that heaven can hear. I am sure you have heard the saying, “God is always talking you’re just not tuned in”. Heaven only responds to faith in the Word of God. It is much like tuning into a radio station. You must have the correct call number hear it. You must have the correct Word applied to your situation and stand in unwavering faith. Speaking nothing but life to your situation, no matter what you see in the natural. You are the words that you speak. With God faith is the proper frequency we must be at.

Why is it that we can believe God for eternal life, but we cannot believe Him for a house, a car, or bills to be paid? Our frequency of faith is in hope mode and we have to shift it to knowing. Knowing is passed believing. We get jammed up in hoping and believing because we are moving by our experiences or the experiences of others. We ask, “Has this ever happened before”. God is doing a new thing and it will not be based on what we have experienced before. Tune into God by taking the time to spend quiet time in His presence and in His Word. When you tune in you will find new and exciting facets of God.

Plain and simple….

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