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One day I asked God “What is missing?” Why are there not more miracles, signs and wonders in the land; as it was in the day of Jesus Christ? I want to see miracles, signs, and wonders; every day of my life. This is what the Word of God promises. The Lord told me to look at the Gospels and how Jesus performed miracles. I said to the Lord, “I have Lord, I have read all four of the Gospels and I saw how Jesus performed miracles, signs and wonders. I saw how all of the miracles manifested instantly”. The Lord said, “Look closer”. In that moment I realized that Jesus spent time in the Word so much so that he became the Word. He became immersed in the Word of God prior to Him performing the miracles He performed. The problem is not a lack of revelation nor is it a lack of understanding, but there is something missing. The problem is a LACK OF WORD! We have to become so immersed in the Word of God. When you are immersed in the Word of God; it becomes a part of who you are and how you live. The more Word you have, the more you have of God in you. You cannot get this deep in the Word of God by only going to church on Sunday to receive it. You must develop a relationship with God. You must seek to know and understand the Word of God on a daily bases. With those words in you; you have ultimate power to perform and see miracles happen every day. The more miracles you see the more you understand the mystery of how they manifest. Many times we get parts and pieces of God and Jesus, but we have to yet to get the full revelation of whom Jesus (the Word) is and what He did for us. It is now my determination to seek God’s face and know Jesus in the power of His resurrection. I realize now that will only get this revelation by staying in the Word of God.


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  1. peacefulone said:

    Hi Demetria…I agree! You are truly on to something! I am in hot pursuit…and I believe that it’s also more than mentally agreeing with the Word. I know people FULL of the Word who mentally agree with God who are not operating in Miracles, Signs and Wonders….I point at me. I will move to the next level by putting the Word to work! That’s what’s been missing with me! Love E

    P.S. I nominated you for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER’S AWATD! The Lord allowed me to find your sight. Here’s a link: http://www.wordpress.faithcenter.com

    • Thank you so much. I truly believe it is all God and there is so much to Him that we do not realize. As we continue in hot pursuit He reveals more and more of Himself. It is truly an awesome experience. I am with you in hot pursuit of my Lord and Savior to be who He promised I would be and to do what He promised I could do. I invite you to stay with me as the Lord continue to unfold His mysteries.

    • peaceful one,

      I wanted to share with you that I did take a look at your church and believe it or not I have seen this church before in a dream. The Lord showed me at this church. I was very surprise as the church is located in OR. I will be keeping this in prayer and watch what our faithful Father does. I ask that you pray with me.

      God bless you.

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