Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

one day I was pondering why people remembered me so much for who I was and not who I am today. Then the thought came to me, how can I, ask for both ends of the candlestick to be lit and be upset when others remember one end better than the other. As I was meditating on my future, where I would be speaking and envisioning God move mightily through my life. The Lord reminded me to stop reminding others of how I used to be. I know that the Lord has brought so much major change in my life; why remind others of where I have been unless it was necessary(testimony). This is a spiritual identity crisis. SIC is simply this; when you cannot let go of the past person you used to be because you are not sure who you are now that you are in relationship with God. Allow me to help you understand who you are; now. Your identity is now a facet of who God is. You are going through a process of being transformed into the very likeness of God. You are developing His Characteristics (Isaiah 11:2).

It was at this point I realized I must stop even joking about who I used to be. I must walk in the totality of who God has made me to be; in order for those who remember the old me to see and respect the new me. Speak nor act the way you were; be comfortable in your new skin (so to speak). Stay focused on your future as you allow the new you to standout. There was a time I would tell stories about how I was such a sinner. In all honesty, I did not really realize just how much I was sinning until I got saved. In these moments, I was not me telling my testimony; it was more like, for lack of better words (and sheer honesty) it was bragging. Maybe I was bragging because I didn’t think so much of my new life and I knew I could not go back. It was a done deal. This was/is my life; I needed to figure out the great and mighty place that I was now in.

Many have asked me how to handle the people who remember your past so clearly. This is my answer people; you are in this present moment. Whether you have been delivered in totality or not stand and deliver the good that is in you now. It is not your responsibility to nurture or manage the thoughts of others towards you. It is only your responsibility to live the life you have now. Your life letter is now available for them to read, so let them watch the change in you from near or far; whichever is most comfortable for you. The most important thing is to remain in your present and allow your future to continue to develop.

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