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In my meditation I just keep feeling a strong need to dig so deep in the Word of God. I was reading Psalms the other day and all of a sudden I could see David (in my mind’s eye) in the hollows of a cave writing to the Lord. I could see him not having a soul who would understand what he was going through. I could see his faith and trust was totally in God as he faced one of his life’s greatest adversaries. I could see his back up against the wall and his inner most thoughts were to praise his unfailing God. What made His faith so great? It is this form of faith we must have in order to operate in the spirit realm and see the manifestation in natural realm. It is that out of the box, radical, unwavering, perpetual faith in the God of the impossible. The God who spoke in the spirit what we see manifested in the earth. The two realms are not separated as we have been taught for years. One controls the other. The spirit realm controls the natural realm and it is only complete or manifested in this magnitude of faith.  You will never be able to operate in the spirit realm from the natural realm. You must be spiritually minded /conscious to truly have dominion over both. Before you can obtain dominion (as is required by the Lord God Almighty); you must be possessed by faith, obedience, and order. They all must be a constant perpetual energy source of your life through and by the Holy Spirit. God is a perpetual God and we must live according to His standards. God and Heaven only move on the condition of your faith. If you have unwavering faith that God can and will move the mountain of your situations; it will be done unto you. It will be unto you just as it was for David. {Mark 11:23-25}

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  1. Scott Schear said:

    Hi Demitrica,
    I’ve re-posted this on http://www.seeinginword.wordpress.com. I found that it complimented very nicely a work called “What is Faith?”, an exploration into Faith. What I find unique in your writing, relative to much of what I find online, is that you are not simply regurgitating what you read somewhere else; what you are presenting feels like it is your own. For this I am deeply appreciative.
    Peace… Scott

    • Thank you so much Scott. I really don’t do a lot of reading of others material. Most of what I speak on is based on my own experience and revelations that come from God. I am purposely selective so that I remain pure and non-regurgitating. I really just Love God so much. Please visit often. Thanks again for stopping in and I really appreciate your positive comment.

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