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As I was going through my journal I came across an entry where I was speaking to the Lord about not being acknowledged for my gift and calling. I am a prophet and I was in a public form where I was not acknowledged. I believe in being real with yourself and others, otherwise you will never help anyone. These were my genuine feelings and I presented them to the Lord; in prayer. The Lord told me to read Matthew 23 and He spoke these words to me. Actually, I believe it was my teacher –the Holy Spirit who said, “Stay hidden. Stay humble. Don’t rush. God will exalt you in due season”. In that instance I saw (in the spirit/a vision) me tripping over something that was coming out of my heart. I leaned forward as if I was about to fall; but I did not fall. What I discovered (by revelation from the Holy Spirit) was that it was a trap; set out of my own desire to preach/teach the Gospel. It was a trap that would trip me up and it was being set out of the desires of my heart. In my heart I was wondering how and when I would get noticed by man as if man holds the power to my being released to teach the Gospel. I quickly was reminded that God has a due season. He has a finish point for my process. I don’t want to move ahead of God or else I would be undone and unfit for His Kingdom plan for me. My daughter and I have this running joke about trying to lay hold of God’s promises prior to the time that they are to be released. For example; trying to get the house when you know you can afford it or the husband of your choice; not God’s. While hoping that God will clean up our choices and make them what He had in mind for us. We say, “I am not going to get salmonella” What that means is this; if you eat chicken before it is fully cooked you have the potential to get salmonella poisoning. So, it is best to eat it when it is done. Being patient and waiting until God is finished with your gift is the best way to receive the full measure of the blessing. What God was showing me in Matthews is that there are incomplete Christians who are causing people not to enter heaven. In other words they are sending them to hell. Simply because they’re rushing to get to the point of being recognized (by man), for the work that God has done through them. They began to spread wrong teaching or teaching that is compromised to the world’s standards. I personally don’t want to be the Christian who goes out to do well and ends up causing more damage to the body of Christ than good. Nor do I want to be the one whose intention was to save souls but instead you send them to hell through your lack of knowledge. I must take my time and let the Lord unwrap the gift that I am to the world in His time. This is the same for everyone who loves Jesus Christ. The time will come, but right now I must remain humble. The time will come when I will be able to release all of the revelation that God has given to me, but right now I must get the Word of God so deeply rooted in me that it literally becomes who I am, how I live and what I say. Your delay is not a denial. It may just not be your due season.
Don’t rush God…Your gift will make room for you.
Proverbs 18:16 (KJV)
“16A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”


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  1. Does the same patience apply with discovering your true gifts?

    • Yes, because you may be aware of some of your basic gifts, but over time more will emerge and you have to be patient in that process. Your gift(s), I can assure you will not look like no other person’s, so you have to give it time to develop and be released. That is all rapped up in God’s timing for your life.

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