Spiritually Enhancing Your Life Today!

The Lord asked a question: How can two walk together except they agree (Amos 3:3)? The original purpose for that question was not between man and man in whatever variation of relationship; it was between God and man. Many have used that scripture to reference being unequally yoked in human to human relationships. However, the Lord God was speaking of His children and Himself. How can you walk with God if you don’t agree with His Words, His commandments, His Statues and His Laws? How can you be a Christian {Christ Follower} if you only honor His Word in part? God is sovereign. He would not have allowed this Word (the Bible) to exist for over 2000 years if it was not inspired by Him. It remains the very top selling book of all times. It sells in the billions, when no other book has. How can you see t he manifestation of His truth in your life if you don’t know it? How can you indentify a miracle, sign, or wonder if you have not heard the testimony of those who have. How can you agree with God to live a righteous life if you don’t know what true righteousness is. You cannot take dominion as He has commanded us to do, if you are not walking with the One who has granted the rights for you to have dominion. You cannot find true success in life without walking with God. The race is not given to the swift or to the strong but to the one who takes one day at a time and endure to the end. We are on this journey never alone, but always with God. We come to think of ourselves as walking solo for so long that we forget we are in a relationship. We are in a relationship with the Lord God almighty. He has desires, wants and needs; just as we do. We must learn to understand what they are and honor them. The only way to have any good relationship is to communicate. We have to learn God’s language and began to communicate with Him on a personal level. His language is not you telling Him all of your needs and wants (cause He already knows). His language is not Him being the constant listener and you the constant speaker. His language is praise, worship, faith, love, peace and obedience to His Word. Examine the conversations you have been having with the Lord. Have you asked Him what was on His heart for the day? What problems, situations, or circumstances He would like to resolve through you today? God loves His creation so very much He does not want any of His children to be lost. He does not want to cast not one person out of His presence. That is the sweet thing about having a relationship with God beyond the salvation confession; there is SO MUCH MORE OF HIM TO HAVE AND SO MUCH MORE OF YOU TO SEE (UNCOVER). It can only be done in relationship with God. Agree with His Word; all of it and walk with Him trusting His plan always.

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